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Apr 15, 2021 Tips & Advice

Why is Shopping Centre Line Markings are Important?

Shopping centres must be able to handle relatively high levels of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. To maintain the safety of both parties in outdoor settings, proper line marking is essential – since this directs and controls traffic. 

Here are some locations to place shopping line markings;

Shopping Centre Parking

When it comes to parking, line marking is essential in outdoor and covered parking structures, whether concrete or asphalt. Shopping centres must maximize the use of available parking spaces. That is why it pays to hire a line marking company that can collaborate with them to create the best arrangement. Along with standard vehicle parking places, the loading zones, truck, taxi, and bus parking sections should be marked accordingly. These shopping centre line marking are used not simply to direct people where to park, but also to ensure that parking and traffic restrictions are followed.


Pedestrian Areas around the shopping centre

Pedestrian safety is also vital in the vicinity of a shopping centre. Adding pedestrian crossings, pedestrian zones, and other line-markings contribute to visitor safety. These markers also help to prevent traffic accidents and collisions, which can result in minor to severe property damage and injuries.


What you need to know when looking for a line marking company

Line markers should be fully certified to make plans and layout recommendations and always comply with current Australian Standards. Experience in the field of line marking is also important, as this assures to provide the best quality services. Aside from that, consider the products used by the company. It should meet the requirements of Australian Standards and APAS criteria.