5 Types of Paint for Road Marking Driveways

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Jan 21, 2022 Posted by: Admin Tips & Advice

Whether you’re painting lines in a parking lot or creating a basketball court in your driveway, you should always choose the best quality paint. If you choose the wrong paint for your driveway, it will likely peel off when exposed to extreme weather. Let’s examine the best forms of paint for driveways.


Thermoplastic paint

This is the most professional, high-grade, durable paint available, typically used for road marking. It is dense, wear-resistant, and has reflective qualities. It is ideal for parking spaces because of its resistance to constant tear but is also frequently used to delimit lane lines. You may use this paint to construct playground activities or sports courts with pitch markings for do-it-yourself projects.


Acrylic paint

This water-soluble polymer-based paint prevents lines from lifting off the asphalt after application. You can use a brush, roller, or sprayer to create your lines.


Coal Tar paint

While coal tar is a less expensive alternative to acrylic paint, it is hazardous to deal with. It is recommended that you apply it while wearing safety equipment. It can tolerate unfavourable circumstances such as prolonged sun exposure or severe cold when combined with other polymers. Typically, this is a black sealer used to coat larger asphalt areas with paint.


Oil-based paint

This latex paint blend dries slowly and has exceptional resistance against high traffic. Nonetheless, it will most certainly crack over time because it is made of oil.


Water-based latex paint

Water-based latex paint may be tailored in various colours used on driveways. It is recommended to use it after another paint, such as coal tar, has been used to seal the asphalt. Water-based latex paint dries the quickest of all road marking paints, taking three hours to cure.


Hire Angle Linemarking

While you can paint your driveway yourself, we recommend hiring a professional for bigger Road Marking Driveway Projects


Here at Angle Linemarking, we provide various line marking options based on the type of driveway or road that requires painting. We strive to use the highest-quality paint available, as it must result in long-lasting effects. We provide a variety of road marking solutions for your property and parking structures.