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Nov 14, 2022 Posted by: Admin Tips & Advice

Line markings play a crucial function in identifying a certain route. They show where to park, where parking is restricted, where to slow down, and several other locations.

These lines may look basic, but they are essential for commercial and residential line marking. However, as useful as they are, they are not permanent. Due to the high foot and vehicle traffic volume, they degrade with time. Eventually, these line markers become less obvious, requiring the need to remark lines.


Here, we explain the fundamentals of line remarking and how it is done.


Before marking the road lines, it’s important to prepare the surface. In the first phase, it is important to remove the old lines. Contrary to popular belief, line remarking is not as simple as repainting the surface, and you’re done. Do not allow those contractors to convince you that you only need a fresh coat of paint; the process is thorough. Get value for your money by ensuring that the old lines are erased first. The sole exception to this rule is if the lines are still bright and just a tiny area needs retouching.

Line removal is significantly challenging since the removal process should not damage the road surface. The purpose of line marking and remarking is to make routes safe and easy to navigate, and a damaged road surface can cause an accident. Here are the different ways to remove line markings:

  • Grinding is another effective method for removing unsightly or worn lines. However, care must be taken to avoid damaging or grinding the road surface.
  • Typically, painting is the least expensive option. Additionally, it is fast, letting you use the area within an hour or so. Repainting is different from painting over. Typically, painting over old lines is referred to as “blacking out” when the surface is painted to match the path. Consequently, pedestrians and motorists are unable to notice the lines. This method is chosen for these undesirable lines.
  • High-pressure water can remove line markings. Using water jets, previous line marks are removed. Unlike burning, this method may remove colour without destroying the road.
  • Surface scrubbing is a technique similar to high-pressure water jets. The idea is to remove and clean up existing lines and replace them with new, brighter ones.
  • Although burning is an efficient method, it can emit harmful gases. In addition, it might harm the road’s surface, requiring further repair and maintenance. Because of the hazardous gases, line marking companies do not suggest this procedure.


As soon as the debris from the old lines has been removed, new ones may be drawn. Similar steps are used when using line marking. Everything you need, from arrows to letters to separate lines, may be redrawn to look new and fresh.

Having a dependable company handle the line maintenance procedure makes line repair simple. Always choose a competent line marking company, such as Angle Linemarking, for line remarking services. We have years of experience in your garage, warehouse, commercial property, or residential.