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Apr 27, 2021 Posted by: Admin Tips & Advice

The Importance of Parking Line Marking

If you drive a car from one place to another, then you are certainly familiar with parking line marking placed around parking spaces, shopping centres, businesses and more.

These white lines or symbols help motorists park their vehicles safely and hassle-free.

Here in Australia, there are certain standards when it comes to line marking to ensure safety guidelines and implementations are consistent across the country.

What is parking line marking?

These are commonly drawn as white or yellow lines and/or arrows on the ground to help people park their car at designated parking spaces. These white lines avoid all sorts of problems that may arise for motorists when parking, such as colliding against other vehicles along the path. Which can result in injuries and damages. These markings also help people avoid parking offences.

What are the standards for these parking guides?

These must be always clear to make sure they are visible to motorists even in dark conditions. That is why it is important to maintain the visibility of these markings. These markings must also be accompanied by signs and symbols to easily communicate parking rules and designations to people. For example, parking spots only for people with disabilities.

What are the benefits of having these markings?

Organised designated parking spaces

Parking line marking aims to organise parking spaces so motorists know where to park and where not to park. These lines are not only for guiding people where to park but also to follow parking and traffic rules.

Improve traffic flow for safety

These markings ensure traffic safety and flow across the entire car park to avoid all sorts of injuries, damages and accidents that unguided drivers can cause.

Maximise car park space

Other than that, they also maximise car parks to establish more designated parking spaces that can accommodate several people.

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