Road Line Marking Saves Lives!

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Jan 9, 2023 Posted by: Admin Tips & Advice

Consider the importance of the basic white line, directing traffic and keeping us safe on the road, whether driving high-powered trucks or taking the family on a weekend getaway.

Without road markings, our roads would be chaotic and deadly mess. Those white, reflective, continuous, or dashed lines painted on highways denote the division of lanes, designate general road regulations such as “stop” and “give way,” and aid pedestrians in crossing traffic safely.

They show drivers the way, keep pedestrians safe, and are so common that we don’t think much about them… But did you know that those long lines you see on the road undergo a lot of testing to ensure they stand up to years and years of constant traffic and changing weather conditions?


Clearly painted road line marking regulate traffic

Drivers on the road must follow the road rules regarding driving and traffic that are already in place. Road markings dramatically assist by letting drivers know what turns they can make on certain sections of the road and when a road is clearly marked, drivers can follow the road rules safely and correctly. When drivers see a solid white line or a broken one, they understand when to stay in their lane and when it’s okay to pass another car.

Both vehicles and pedestrians benefit greatly from a clearly marked road. Vehicle owners are trained to slow down and stop for pedestrians utilising painted, obvious lane crossings and walkways. 

Loading and unloading zones, parking areas, and no parking/tow away zones are other types of road markings that keep drivers and pedestrians safe. These road/pavement markers are helpful on roadways and in locations such as shopping centres, universities, and hospitals.


Road line markings are not just made of simple paint, they also have a reflective quality.

The reflective surface of road markings is crucial for the safety of drivers during nighttime. After the line marking paint has been laid, tiny retro-reflective glass beads are revealed within the paint. Line-marking paint dries much faster than regular paint and the high quality prevents the beads from sinking and facilitates more effective road marking visibility.

Most road markings are done with water-based paint. At the same time, thermoplastic technology is increasingly employed to allow reflective glass beads to be incorporated into the paint before application and coating to be extruded at very high temperatures.


Choosing the right Line Marking Company

For line marking and remarking, you should always choose a reputable company like Angle Linemarking. Road line marking is essential for the safety of both motorists and pedestrians, so it is crucial to select the right company to carry out the job. Angle Linemarking has been in the industry for over 30 years, so we understand exactly what is needed to complete your following line-marking project with ease and peace of mind!