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Apr 19, 2021 Posted by: Admin Tips & Advice

The Importance of Tennis Line Marking

Tennis Line Marking is definitely one of the more important sports as the rules of the game revolve around the various lines on the court.

These line marks work as boundaries, from where the players stand and where the ball lands. Markings play a vital role in determining the scope of the game.

To help the people have a better understanding of the game, line boundaries are set and it is the criteria to determine an accurate points scoring system.

So what are the lines of a Tennis Court?

Basically, we have the Baseline, Singles’ Side-line, Doubles’ Sideline or Tramlines, Service Box, Centre Service Line, Baseline Centre Mark and the Net.

The Baseline

The baseline is where the gameplay occurs and everything beyond this line is considered out of the game. Players are positioned inside the baseline. Balls landing beyond the baseline is considered out and is a winning point for the opposing team.

Singles’ Side-line

The outer wide edge of the single’s court is called the Singles’ Side-line. This makes the court a bit narrower compared to the doubles’ court. If the ball lands outside this line it is also considered “out” and is a winning point for the opposing team.

Doubles’ side-line or Tramlines

These line markings make the court seem to be a bit wider, as the Doubles’ side-line or Tramlines are the outer columns of the court. This is designed to give double’s players additional playing space from the doubles sideline and the singles sideline.

Service Box

Service Box is the opponent receiving area of the service shot. It is found diagonally opposite from where serving is made. Failure to serve inside the service box will result in a second serve, and if it still fails it will result in a winning point to the opposing team.

Centre Service Line

Centreline is the division of the servicing boxes for both teams.

Baseline Centre Mark

In serving, the baseline centre mark is where the server stands to maximize the coverage of the court when the ball is shot back to the team’s base.

The Net

The Net is basically the dividing line of the court to determine the base of these two opposing teams. If a player hits the net they basically lose the point from their opposition.

To conclude these line marks are pretty basic but are very important to identify better scores and the whole gameplay sense. Line Markings are really important not just in streets and safety signs but for sports and recreation purposes as well.