Top 5 Road Linemarkings in Queensland

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Nov 2, 2021 Posted by: Admin Tips & Advice

Road Linemarkings in Queensland

Road Linemarkings is a significant aspect of the road and it’s essential to pay attention to them when driving. Linemarking Queensland will not only keep you from committing traffic offenses, but they will also assist in ensuring your safety.

Continuous Centre Lines

Three distinct types of continuous center lines exist. The first is the single continuous line, which prohibits overtaking or making a U-turn. You are, however, permitted to pass cyclists and enter or exit a road, including when entering or leaving a property.

The second is the middle line to the left of a broken line. If you are on the same side of the road as the continuous line, you cannot cross it for overtaking or making a U-turn. The third is the double continuous centerline, which prohibits crossing except when passing a cyclist safely.

Broken Centre Lines

This road lines indicates that you may overtake a vehicle, as well as turn or do a U-turn. The same principle holds for twin broken center lines.


Continuous Lane Lines

Once you notice continuous lane lines, you are not permitted to cross them unless you enter or exit a particular lane.


Continuous Edge Lines

Edge lines are lines that denote the road’s edge. The area beyond the road’s edge is the shoulder and is prohibited from moving motor vehicles. You are not permitted to cross white continuous edge lines unless you are overtaking to the left of a car turning right or making a U-turn, or unless you are driving a slow-moving vehicle and wish for other cars to pass you.


Stop and Give Way Lines

Stop and give way lines function similarly to stop and give way signs. As such, when approaching any of these road markings, you must follow all traffic laws as if there were a stop or give way sign nearby, even if there isn’t.