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May 7, 2021 Posted by: Admin Tips & Advice

Is Warehouse Line Marking Necessary?

If you own a Warehouse, you more than likely know by now that maintaining an organised and tidy space for your items or goods is important. This means you have to be detailed and organised from your floor plan guide to the very specific organising details like labelling and inventories. 

So what is the importance of Line Markings in a Warehouse?

Warehouses really do need line markings as these serve as guides for your stock arrangements, path flow and more.

It is essential in a hazardous workspace area to place readable and visible markings and signs to guarantee safety and order in your spaces. Continue reading to learn more about this.

Do Commercial Warehouses require these markings?

It is a big YES! Commercial Warehouses need line markings for better navigation, for everyone’s safety and orderliness. It also makes things easy to comprehend, make pathways clear and accessible for operations.

Pathflow arrows make the whole team more productive, as it prevents clogging and bumping into one another.

Line markings can be essential for:

  • Create walkways for employees
  • Allocate space for hazardous waste
  • Create pathways for machinery and/or transport vehicles for loading and unloading
  • Organise workflow by following the markings indicated
  • Helps create a safer working environment

Is there a rule in Line Marking colours?

If you are thinking of choosing your own colours for line marking, better think again. Line Markings have universal colour indications that correspond to specific warnings or signals and they are as follows;

  • Yellow markings are more likely for pathways and traffic lanes indicators
  • Red is a strong colour that connotes strong implications like danger zones or some heavy warnings
  • Black line markings symbolise the progress of the work
  • Blue markings are often used to mark areas with raw materials
  • A combination of white and red markings is used to warn employees for such restricted areas and the like.

Line Marking may be underrated but it does play an important role in a warehouse. All we have to do is plan ahead, mark what is needed and be as productive as we can be.

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